How do systems change?

Systems change is more than a theory. Deep systemic  change is growing through committed leaders and communities around the globe. 

But, how do we know such efforts are working? How can we ensure change efforts are sustainable and equitable? How can we lead systemic change in education and in our communities for the thriving of all?    

How do we cultivate the conditions for meaningful systems change?


The MIT Systems Awareness Lab

A global research network advancing the study of ongoing systems change efforts in education.
The MIT Systems Awareness Lab is a community of researchers and practitioners dedicated to the rigorous, scientific study of long-term, transformative, and ongoing “systems change in the making.”

Pioneering Research on Systems

Systems change is not a static or one time process, but rather ongoing, iterative, and living processes.

Our research seeks to understand systems change processes in this ongoing sense of movement, improvement, and learning, through the data, stories and lived experiences in the journey of systems change.


Empowering educators as leaders and designers of change


Reconnecting living systems for resilient futures


Honoring the innate systems intelligence of children

What’s Emerging

Latest News


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